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Going from Vista to XP - Cant find XP Pro drivers for preinstalled Vista machine

Hi, I purchased a sony VGN-FZ250E notebook, with Vista but I need XP pro, I had alot of trouble getting it reformated with XP Pro, however I finally did and now and can't find the drivers for XP pro for this computer. The sony site only has Vista drivers which are not compatiable with the new XP pro OS. Any ideas on how I can go about getting these?
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Look here for my response regarding the similar issue to this:


thanks, I think that gonna be the best answer I'm gonna get.
Thank you.
Unfortunately - Sony are one of the worst for jumping on the Vista bandwagon...


Its also unfortunately, that I spent a few hours getting XP pro load, due to the fact that vista does have the Raid drivers it needs to load Xp pro. finally got that figured out now i'm going back to vista. oh well. thanks again.

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