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Need some advice on getting a good Bluetooth adapter that will work well with my Bluetooth headset.

I have a Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset and what I'm trying to do is find a good Bluetooth adapter that I can plug in via USA to my laptop so I can use my Plantronics headset as a headphone.  This way I can listen to music/movies or whatever on my headset.  Does anyone know of an adapter that will do all that?  

I tried one from Kensington: model #33348 but it seems to only work for doing VOIP and that sort of stuff.  

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all should work the same , but it is about the coupling software and application. you can try toshiba , or post more details about teh configuration so you can be advised about how to get it coupled with your headphones

I would agree with Smart Man that for most applications bluetooth is bluetooth.  They all follow the same minimum standard.  There may be some differences in quality of the device and the strength of the antenae in each device.  This you can usually ask the sales person which should work better.  I have had excellent results with Sony, Motorola and Samsung units.  I have tested several models of each brand.  
waiting for your reply


Actually I had to install a separate app that allowed me to select the bluetooth headset as a replacement to my speakers.  I actually bought another bluetooth adapter and they both behave the same way after I installed the other app.  It's actually the software for the logitech music anywhere software that allows me to select my headset as the primary speaker.  After that's selected it had me reboot and after that everything was fine :)

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