Repair windows XP Home?

Is it possible to REPAIR Windows Xp Home edition (corrupted files) from the Dell recovery CD, or must windows be reinstalled. System won't boot up completely.
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AlexNekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends what is happens. First what I did in such case - boot from test CD and check disk for errors or connect the disk as slave to working one and test. Mostly, registry files are corrupted /at least on my computer/ when windows don't want to start. So I replace it with good one. But It is hard to tell what you must to do exactly because each situation is different. But what I try first it is make copy of my important files.
<<< System won't boot up completely. >>> is it completely dead? or is it still power up but not loading windows os?
You can use another OEM CD if you have a friend with one, of the same SP level, and then use the reinstall method above....

chfischer10Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice, although I had already found a HDD hardware problem. But you were closest.
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