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Exchange 2007 server stopped receiving external email

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Our Exchange 2007 Std. server also has Share Point installed on it (I know, this will change). The server is running 64 bit 2003 Server. Last night the Share Point config DB grow to the point that the C drive had only 400MB free. We stopped receiving email. In the past if we ran low on disk space, I would clear space and Exchange would start working again. After setting the Share Point Config DB to Simple recovery mode and truncating the log file I was able to free 4GB. My problem is that we are not receiving email yet. Actually is started to receive for about 15 minutes, and then stopped. There are no Event Log errors. Any ideas?
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Are all Exchange services running?  

Are you able to connect to the SMTP service on the Exchange server?  

Can you try running: telnet servername 25

You should get a response such as: 220 servername Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:01:01 +0000
I was running low on space on the drive that Exchange 2007 was installed on. I still had almost 2 GB of free space left, but Exchange 2007 requires that a certain percentage of your drive is free or it will stop ( I beleive it is 10%). Free up some space or move it to another drive with more space and it will instantly correct your issue.


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