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Random windows file sharing Issues after cisco asa firewall work

We have a basic windows network behind a Cisco ASA firewall/router. The Cisco runs into two Linksys gig switches which go out to the computers. There are only about 6 windows computers on the network. We were having problems with all the computers connecting to secure sites like Gmail and hotmail so we reconfigured the Cisco ASA from scratch and that problem has been fixed, everything else has stayed the same. Every since the router work windows file shares have been very unreliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont, and it seems very random. When the shares do not work I get either a "System Error 53" or a "System Error 6118" when I run net view. During the file share problems I am still able to ping the gateway and get out to the internet. I can still resolve IP's of other machines but I am not able to ping them.

I have checked, and double checked to see if windows firewall was to blame, however, even with the windows firewall off the issues still persist. I have tried turning off windows XP auto disconnect feature and I have tried changing the Nics to run at 100mbps instead of auto detect.

attached is errors in command promt.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

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Do you have a server on-site?? How are the workstations getting their ip addresses?? What DNS server(s) are the workstations using?? If you've got a server with a domain setup, the workstations should use the server as their one and only DNS server. The server should then take care of resolving external names. Sound like you may have a name resolution problem on the LAN.


No server onsite, all computers in domain, computers get DHCP w/ DNS information from the Cisco ASA. I thought about it being dns as well, but as you can see from the screen shots, the IP DOES get resolved, but we cannot ping it, Yet, we can ping external addresses and the gateway.



Ran the network without a connection to the Cisco ASA. Ran prings between the windows machines for 25minutes without any interuption. Appears to be a problem with the ASA, any ideas on what to look into?

    Have a look on this microsoft articles about troubleshooting file sharing issue
Also their is article about filesharing which is attached.


It was an issue with the ASA. The cisco expert changes some settings and we are golden!

I have a similar issue.

What were the ASA fixes? You mention some settings?


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