Website to send ringtones to your phone

Alright, a while back I was using this website that allowed you to upload song files edit them slightly and then send them to your phone to use as a ring tone for free.

It's been a long time and I have forgotten the website. Does anyone know what this site may be or a site like it?
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This site have complimentary ring tones
Be very, very, very careful.

Most of the "Free" ringtone websites around today, are just there to fish for cellphone numbers that they can sell to marketers.

Read the fine print.  When you enter the number on some of the sites you are saying that you will accept solicitations from their business partners.   That means telemarketers and text spam.....

Here is the relevant part of the privacy statement from the website mentioned above;
"By submitting your information to the Website, you grant Blinko the right to use that information for marketing purposes, and agree to receive email marketing from the Website.  We may maintain separate email lists for different purposes.  In order to end your email subscription to a particular list, you must follow the instructions contained in any email correspondence that you receive from Blinko .  Unsubscribing from one list will not automatically unsubscribe you from all email lists.  We only send email marketing to individuals that have agreed, whether by visiting this Website or through third party websites, to receive email marketing from Blinko ."

Yep, that free ringtone comes with a lifetime side of spam....
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tlman12Author Commented:
Ya the one I used befor was completely from in both price and spam :)

if you have a motorola spend the money to get the phone tools then create your own with MP3 files.
tlman12Author Commented:
@magnetic kisser

great list of sites thanks
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