Halt @ ACPI Controller during boot up

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We just build a box with the following items:

XP w/ SP2
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66Ghz
Gigabyte LGA GA-P35-DS3r
2gb Kingston DDR SDRAM
260gb Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200rpm
5 Seagate 750gb SV SATA 72rpm
Samsung 20x DVD-r Burner PATA Model SH-S202G

THe system has been up and running no problem, 2 week burn in period.

We ran an Acronis back up on it today and half way through the back up the machine locked.

Now the machine freezes on boot up right after ACPI Controller IRQ 9 loads.

We unplugged everything from the machine and started at ground zero.

Added the Sys. Drive back onto the MB and boot, same symptoms. Tried booting Sys drive with and without DVD-R drive plugged in.

reseated memory, cpu, vid card.

I reset CMOS and no go.

I checked the ACPI settings in Bios under power management and there is only 1 setting with to options, I have tried both options.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I have seen a few posts on this via EE and Google. Pretty much tried all of the different approachs I found with no success.

Thanks for your time and best regards,


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Seems like you will have to reinstall OS
If the problem happened while doing an Acronis backup, that program is the FIRST thing to suspect, NOT the hardware.  Is the acronis version you have capable of handling a 260 GB drive, or is it so old, it is not right for more than 123 GB drives?  Can it handle SATA drives, or is it limited to IDE?  You find those out.  

Now Barracuda drives have a built in power down after a certain time of inactivity.  COuld this drive have powered down when Acronis was trying to access it, and Acronis corrupted the boot partition (the power down parks the heads (stupidly) at track 0, right where the boot sector lies.  If any are possible, try this --

1.  Boot from the XP CD, choose recovery console, login as admin, and at the black command prompt, type --


reboot.  If that does not make it bootable, do the above again, but this time type --
FIXMBR <enter> then

reboot.  If the drive is still not bootable, you need to put it as slave onto another PC and check for the presence of NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM and BOOT.INI in the root directory.  If acronis has scrambled the FAT or boot sector, it will become apparent when you put this drive as slave on another system and try to view its file structure.  Try all this before a fresh install.
Also go into the system BIOS and choose -- set to factory defaults, save and reboot, see if that fixes it.
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scrathcyboy, thanks for you reply and I agree with your direction of a software issue.

We plugged in a known good SATA Drive and it booted up to the HDD, we loaded XP and it ran fine. We logged in to see the drive partitions and it seems that Acronis scrubbed the 1st partition on the Sys Drive.

So we loaded from back up and it is up and running fine. The other drives were then added back into the sytem one by one and we are back to original state.

Thanks for the replies.

I had a feeling Acronis was the problem.  Glad you solved it, please close the question accepting the anser or answers that came closest to solving it.


Was on the right track about it being Acronis that caused the issue. Troubleshooting was a little off but definitely on the same page with me. Thanks a bunch.

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