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l2tp connections certificates

iang123 asked
HI there

This has been a problem for a while now, and i need to get it sorted for sanity sake!

I have a rootCa issuing certificates, i have an ou with one client account in and one user account in just for testing purposes. I have autoenrollment enabled in PKI policies in this particular OU and automatic certificate request setting enabled for computers. am i right in thinking that this is the right route to take to enable clients to connect to a remote access server using l2tp. the root CA is an enterprise CA by the way.

Thanks for your help!
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try !


try what?
try to connect .

that is what i ment. you should specify either you want the server to be secure. and if it allows both secure and non secure or not. also for the clients you have to decide whether they can connect always or only with secure connection.

is your clients all xp and above ?

do you have the real environment or a simulation/virtulaziation software?

waiting for your reply.


well that has t be the most helpful comment ever. of course i tried, can't solve the solution myself so i asked the "experts".. try! what a waste of time, what infomation does that give me?

Think i will cancel this sevice, watse of money!

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