Loss of Internet connection

My Internet is failing on a random basis. I can't identify any specific operation that is causing it. Everything will be running fine then my connection is just gone.

The Marvell Yukon card is built into my ASUS Motherboard. The first time this happened I put in a standalone Ethernet card and had the same thing happened using this card. I have installed the newest drivers and gone back to using the on board card, It fails a couple of time a day and last night it failed again in the middle of the night with only email running on the machine.

A normal reboot will clear and reset everything and bring it back online.

I use Bright House Cable 10.0 download. They have checked everything on their side.

I run my laptop on the same line without any problem.

I have run all the virus software I can find against the system.

I have deleted the complete Ethernet connection side and let Microsoft re-install everything on a restart, but this has not helped.

I am out of things to try.

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1. get your ip settings (Start->Run->cmd.exe->OK->ipconfig->enter
2. try to ping your default gateway. (Start->Run->cmd.exe->OK->ping 'default gateway IP address from previous command').
If you can see replies, try to ping www.google.com. If you can see line 'Pinging www.google.com []' (values may differ) there should be problem with browser
3. If you cant see any replies try to look at arp table using arp -a command (Start->Run->cmd.exe->OK->arp -a->enter). Compare mac address of the default gateway when internet works with those when internet doesnt work. They have to be identical. If they are not identical use commands:
if mac addresses are not identical use commands:
arp -d *
arp -s gatewayIPaddress gatewayMACaddress
Peter HartCommented:
can explain in more details what "fails" mean?  doesthe eithernet cable become dis-connected? or does the browser stop working?  
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johnflAuthor Commented:
Cables are all connected the browser just stops working and I can't connect to any web sites. I use Firefox and I also have IE6. Neither works. If I do nothing but reboot the computer everything works again for a while.
Peter HartCommented:
I would try several things:
empty out the browsers cache and history,
when it stops working I would "run CMD and see if I can ping www.google.com in the dos box, if this works its the browser, if not its maybe the firewall software or tcp/ip stack)
you have tried anti-virus - what about malware?
have have you tried spybot from here:

also try the tcp/ip stack repair tool:



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Peter HartCommented:
thanks for the points - which one of the list worked?
johnflAuthor Commented:
tcp/ip stack repair tool

I installed this and ran it and have not had a problem for over two weeks.


You installed WHAT ??
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