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How do you get the Design view on top and Source view on the bottom in Split view in VS 2008?

megnin asked
In Visual Studio 2008 Professional.
I know this is minor, but I can't find anything regarding setting the position of the Design view and Source view windows when in Split view mode.  The default is with Source view on top and Design view on the bottom.  I'd like to have the Design view on top.  Is it possible to switch their positions?

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You could use Multiple documents and move them where ever you want.
I'm sorry, my question is; how can I switch the positions of the Design View window and the Source View window while in Split View.
In Split View the Source goes into the top half of the window and the Design View goes into the bottom half of the window.
I'd like the Design View on top.

After poking around some more.  I've come to the conclusion that it is not possible.

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