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Domino server loses connection to SMTP server and it goes down

I have Domino Notes version 7 and every now and then I get a message "Unable to connect to the SMTP server" and the email goes down. I try to see if I can't ping the DNS server and I can't and actually all connections are down, no server responds and internet is down on the Domino server. If I close the Domino then I get a reply from DNS server. As soon as I open the Domino again, everything goes down again. I have to restart the Domino server and then it runs normal again until next time it goes down. It seems to happen about every 7 - 10 days. I found Event ID 7034 and also Event ID 1000 in the Event Viewer and this is where it took me:
So far, I replaced the network card, I reinstalled Notes Domino, I change the port for this server, but the server still goes down.
What do you think the problem is and how can I fix it?
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I could be wrong, but, isn't inetinfo.exe (referenced in the link) IIS services on the windows 2003 server?  If so, then the Domino server doesn't need IIS running.   Typically, when you install a Domino server, you don't install iis on the server.  If you do, then you have to integrate Domino with the IIS service, and tell the IIS service where to find the Domino applets.  Have you tried removing the IIS service?


I don't have IIS installed on the Domino server
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1) have you checked your firewall. Maybe it is blocking something once in a while.

2) I would install the latest 7.03 version and see if it continues to happen.

3) turn off any services on the server that are not required.

4) Do you have any antivirus or content filtering running on the server ?

I hope this helps !


2) I installed 7.0.3 last Sunday and on Thursday it went down again.

4) I have TrendMicro anti-virus
It seems Trend Micro was causing the outage. Since I reinstalled the anti-virus it hasn't gone down anymore.

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