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Joining a domain into an exsisting domain

We have an office that has their own domain now but the buy out is complete and we would like to join the two domains.  

Both have W2K3 R2 domains with a Hardware VPN (Two PIX 506e routers) between the two offices.  Email is hosted at both sites, well currently we forward email from our domain to theirs but the have an @ourdomain.com address.  Hosting of email will continue from both sites but exchange will now be in a farm.

I have done a "migration" in a test lab back in school on a 2000 network so I kind of know what to expect/see.  However, like I said this is on a W2K3 R2 domain(s).  Is there anything different or a straight forward way of accomplishing this.

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This is called a trust. There is a wizard in the Active Directory Domains and Trusts MMC. If you open help and support on one of the servers and search for trusts, you get step by step instructions on how to set this up. With 2003, this is easier than ever! Just make sure you have the Administrator's user name and password for the other domain before you start.


Actually I have thought of trust but I was thinking more like they are in a domain called office-site.  We are in a domain called office-corp.  I want to bring them into our domain of office-corp.


This is what I remember, so nothing really has changed.  This is also the tool used for desktops as well, correct?

I tried the trust for about 2 months but so far I have run into more problems that what I think is worth.  Doing a straight up migration and simplifing things would be much easier and cut down on my support/headache.

For some reason Sharepoint, which is used alot, doesn't like the trust factor and all members of their domain have to login every single time they click on a document.  However, people in my domain do not have to do that.

I just figured migrating to one domain would solve that problem.

yes this works for computers as well, however, I would suggest reading. It might be worth creating a handful of users on the old domain and connect a spare pc to the old domain.. then test the migration with that pc and the test users. Also I believe there is a whitepaper/howto on the migration that I would recommend reading.

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