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Chart with a embedded in a list object that does not have the same dataset as the list

I am trying to do a report that shows a small Depth vs Days chart embedded in a list that shows the current status of all the drilling rigs for an oil company. So if a company has 10 drilling rigs running on a given day, I want 10 records to be reported within the list. However, I want a chart that shows the Days Drilling vs Depth drilled for each of those 10 records. The depths are stored in daily records as the following sample:

WellName  Date      Day    Depth    DailyCost    CumCost    Other Fields.....
Well #1      1/1/08    1        0            $50,000      $50,000
Well #1      1/2/08    2        1200      $125,000    $175,000
Well #1      1/3/08    3        2500      $80,000      $255,000
Well #2      1/2/08    1        800        $60,000      $60,000
Well #2      1/3/08    2        1950      $80,000      $140,000

In the report for Jan 3rd I only want to see
WellName  Date      Day    Depth    DailyCost    CumCost    Other Fields.....
Well #1      1/3/08    3        2500      $80,000      $255,000
Well #2      1/3/08    2        1950      $80,000      $140,000

But for each well I want to see a small chart next to each well showing the Days vs Depth that includes then entire history of each drilling project.

The report would have a parameter that asks for the date they would like to view (defaulting to today). So the dataset for the list would need to have a different dataset from the chart but they are from the same table. When I assign the Chart a different dataset, I get an error that states:

"The Group expression for the grouping chart1_CategoryGroup1 refers to the field Day.  Report item expressions can only refer to fields within the current data set scope or, if inside an aggregate, the specified data set scope."

I am sure that this is referring to the fact that the chart is not using the same dataset as the list that the chart was place into.
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I figured out how to do it. I had to approach it with the chart being the parent list and the header data being in the child list. However, now I would now like to add another chart with Days vs Cost. I will see if I can that now.

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