Apsx website generating 404 messages

I'm trying to install an apsc website with C# codebehinds on a server running Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0. I've verified the ASP.net framework is installed on the server. The login page, login.apsx, comes up fine but when I click the login button I get a 404 message.

HTTP 404 - File Not Found
Internet Information Services

Just to verify the problem is unrelated to the actual login process, I tested a version of the site with an extra button that only increments a counter and the same thing happens when I click the extra button.

I'm assuming this is some sort of problem with settings on the server as the same website currently works on my test server and on other client server.
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CRCInfosysAuthor Commented:
That should say "aspx" website.
Did you install the site as an application in IIS.
CRCInfosysAuthor Commented:
Yes, its got an application name, execute permission are set to allow scripts (try also allow executables but it didn't help), and seesion state is enabled.
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In Windows 2003 in order to run Asp.Net applications you have to go into add/remove programs, choose windows components, go under IIS and check the box that indicates you want to run Asp.Net. I don't know if Windows 2000 is the same, but you should check that.
Make sure that you have .Net Framework installed on the server and its web extention enabled on IIS. Also make sure that site have its mappings enabled.
CRCInfosysAuthor Commented:
The problem seems to have fixed itself, somehow. The .Net Framework was installed and the web extensions and mappings were enabled which is why it was so confusing as to why it wasn't working.

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