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Clients show "offline" status in their interface

I've installed Symantec endpoint management console on W-2003Sp2 . W-XP SP2 clients are installed with Symantec endpoint s/w as a managed client.
When I open SEP interface on any client,it shows status as "Offline".Despite proper communication between server & all clients, I don't notice  green circle on  these  clients in Endpoint management console.

Went through all the articles published on Symantec's website,but no change

Please suggest

Thanks a million
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SEPS in my opinion is not ready for a roll out to a live environment. THere are too many problems. I have rolled back all my networks to 10.2


So you mean to say that there is no solution for this issue. Is it?

Please confirm.

Thanks a lot
Stay away from SEP for sure, there are too many problems with it. SEP's maintenance release 1 (MR1) promised to fix many of the problems, however, it is still very buggy. Many of the fixes MR1 apparently fixed are still a problem.  See these link: http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ent-security.nsf/docid_p/2007121216360648.



No success.It still shows status as OFFLINE.

Any other trick?


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