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Is there any IFRAME security issues?

I need to use <iframe> to include an output of an aspx page from other domain into one of my php pages in my domain.  Is there any known security issues when doing this?  Or can the other domain webmasters do any workaround to hack into my server using the aspx page I'm iframing?

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Since you will be putting code inside your page as an iframe there is no security issue for you.
Iframes are just pages inside pages. Moreover since you are saying that the iframe is coming from another domain you don;t need to worry for potential javascript xss/injection attack that ma occur, since an acces denied woudl arise if a js call from one element to the iframe element happened.
The only think you should worry is if they decide one day that they don't allow to you to put their aspx page in your iframe, they could prohibit that since the would see traffic coming from your site and block this traffic


so if they intentionally include any js or mysql queries in their aspx file to read my database, wont this be possible as cross-site scripting?
Even if they intentionally put js to do cross site scripting they won't be able to do it due to domain security effect , your server on another domain from theirs.
I didn;t understand the part you say about the mysql queries. They cannot acces your database from javascript code but only from server side code. Only if the aspx files and your files potentially there could be a call from one script to the other , but still under certain circumstances, but i don't think this is the case on your example

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