Is there a way to remove Norton Antivirus 7.6 remotely via Administrative share connection?


I am trying to install Symantec Antivirus on to my client workstations Windows XP SP2, but due to the old version 7.6 I am unable to do so on most workstations.  Is there a way that I can use the administrative share to each station and remove Norton 7.6 manually, preferably without a re-boot of their system.  This would then allow me to successfully install Symantec Antivirus from Symantec System Center.  Any help would be much appreciated.
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and235100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As sysadmin81 says - nonav can be used:

The best version for you, though, will be on your installation media for NAV 7.6.

Manual removal -

I don't think you can do it without a reboot, but scripting it should be easy.

Check out the following registry key.....


Look for the Product ID that pertains to Symantec 7.6.  There will be a key called Uninstall string.  You can use the command in that string to uninstall Symantec silently.  I highly recommend a reboot afterwards, otherwise Symantec 10 may not install correctly.

You could also use a batch file called NoNav (find it on the web) and this will uninstall symantec even when the uninstaller won't work, but it will automatically reboot the machine.
Several people have used PSEXEC with NoNav to successfully remove NAV/SAV from remote computers.

Check out this post:

There is also a newer version of NoNav available and I'll try to track it down.

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I used the psexec method today on 5 workstations to remove 10.2 remotely. Worked great!
jmattson30Author Commented:
Hi Guys!
I split the points as one of you younghv gave me a direct link to the new version of nonav which worked, however there was one system where a manual uninstall was necessary and that was provided to me by (and235100) which worked on that particular system.  Thanks for all of your help!  Have a great day!
Thanks for the single EXE.  I'm pulling Symantec 7.6 off 30 machines tomorrow, a little psexec power and a click click...

Roll trend micro out via autopcc and its over in a couple hours.

I did a test machine and Trend tried to remove 7.6 but didn't completely, somehow the install failed as well and the machine had regkeys that caused autopcc to detect trend as already installed.

Stale mate..

Better luck in production with Nonav.


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