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Server copy of Roaming Profiles not always updating

hpeet asked
I have roaming profiles configured for users, there is no folder redirection. What is happening is that when the user logs off or shuts down the server copy is not always updating. It may be a couple or 4 days between updates. Most users it appears to be working fine that have desktops and are always in the office the biggest problem are the laptops that may be out of the office and then back in. The roaming profile is so that there desktop and documents are on the server for backup purposes.

Some of these profiles are rather large over 1 GB I don't know if that is the problem, the event log on the server does not show any errors. What will happen is they make cahnges on there desktop while in the office then go home and when they log back in in the morning it puts everything back. They are not logging on to multiple machines just their own laptops.

Any thoughts as to what may be going on would be appreciatted.
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make sure you have caching turned off on the profile share and also double check permissions.
PS: If your profiles are ~1GB I'd be inclined to look at folder redirection and roaming folder exclusions to try and get that profile size down.


The profile share has caching turned off and each user has full access to there profile directory.
big profile is the problem for sure try to make the profiles less than 100 m by using some othe choices to save user data in like home folder or my ducument edirection also you can specify the profile maximum size though gpo so try this and sure i will get your points soon sir
also try to turn off the slow link detiction on the user profile though gpo

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