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Is a personal check considered legal tender _after_ service has been rendered?

EchoBinary asked
My car was towed - which incurs an expense (imposes is more like it). The tow company says that they will not accept a personal check to get my car back. I have no way to get cash at the moment from my bank account. And they tell me the fee to retrieve my car goes up every day it is left there.
I have the money to cover the check. They just say they wont accept it.

Given these circumstances -  is a personal check considered legal tender? Do they have to accept it?
Would I be justified at this point to call the police and tell them the tow company is trying to steal my car?
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They don't have to accept your cheque.  A cheque IS NOT legal tender, and does not guarantee immediate payment.  Because they take time to clear, I wouldn't accept them either.  

Legal Tender is basically cash or coins.  Not Cheques. (see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_tender)

Not a very fun situation, I know, but you're going to need to come up with a payment method that the towing company accepts.  From my experience, however, if you talk to the boss, and explain the situation, they may cut you a deal on the storage fees, until you can come up with the cold hard cash.

Good luck!

JohnnyIT has the correct answer.



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