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Using a file DSN with an OleDbConnection

I'm looking for a connection string for a file DSN to be used from an OleDbConnection

I have no problem in setting up the connection string for UDL files or connecting to CSV, XLS or MDB but I'm having a problem with DSN.

The DSN will be built by the user so I'll only know the name of the DSN file and not what database they are connecting to.

If I just put in ==> FILEDSN=c:\myData.dsn; to the connection string I get an error saying that it requires a Provider.

I'm using VS 2005 coding in VB for .NET Framework 2.0
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DSNs are used by ODBC, so you'd need to use an OdbcConnection.  I'm VB6, you could specify "DSN=" for ADO and it just used the OLEDB - ODBC bridge but with .NET, Microsoft split ODBC and OLEDB into two interfaces (OleDbConnection and OdbcConnection).  
The reason for the error is because OLEDB requires a "Provider=" key pair to work correctly so ADO.NET knows which OLEDB provider to use.  



I'll give that a shot later today (It sounds like it will)

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