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Vista OS, cannot view shares from Server over NetExtender VPN

We have a client that currently uses Vista who is connected to a workgroup.  He uses Sonicwall Net Extender to connect to their remote office via VPN.   There are two servers on the remote network,  for arguments sake,  "FS1" & "MAIL".  

When connected, the user can ping and tracert to both their DNS names, Netbios, and Ip addresses.  

For some odd reason, he can view the shares off MAIL by going to the unc path \\mail.
however, he is unable to go to the unc path of FS1 :   \\FS1

Error in Command prompt system error 53.     No other user is having this problem.   He had AV and that was removed.   UAC is disabled, firewall is diabled.  Unable to determine the cause,  Any help would be be appricated.
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Were your test only from the client?

It seems as though the server is having trouble returning information about the current SMB shares.

Try the same ping, tracert, nslookup commands from the server and make sure it knows where to return traffic.

Often the server needs to be told to talk to VPN users through a particular gateway.


No, I did run some tests from the server to verify the shares were up.  Ran the command \\fs1 on the server returns the shares. Also no other users onsite or offsite are having any issues.  Just the one user.  

I myself ran the same test from my workstation and have returned no problems connecting to \\FS1 Shares.  Wouldn't that signify something wrong with the client.  

Other then Joining the pc to the domain, i don't see any other fix at this point.  I don't see that that would be an issue.   Also note that we did modify the hosts files to allow the dns name to properly resolve the ip address of each server both mail and fs1
Turns out the problem is related TO Routing and remote access on FS1 server.  Restarting that service resolved the problem.  Through it seems unusal since only this one pc is having that problem, it must be related to Vista.  

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