Upgrade WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0

I have Project Server 2003 installed in a Farm Configuration:
Database - Clustered SQL 2000
Front End - Load Balanced WSS 2.0 and Microsoft Project 2003
Views/Session Manager - Seperate W2K3 machine

I am not going to 2007 yet but I want to upgrade to WSS 3.0.  I have read a lot of documentation and tested the upgrade in my virtual environment.  
Can anyone tell me if I'm missing anything or if there is anything I need to watch out for?  
Once the install is complete, is there anything I need to do for the Project side or does that site get updated automatically?  I'm concerned because it seemed to easy.  Maybe it just is because I don't have any custom stuff or language packs.

This is an in place upgrade.

1 - ASP.net 2.0 is installed
2 - .Net Framework 3.0 is installed
3 - Prescan tool was run and it was clean
4 - ASP.net enabled
5 - run the WSS 3.0 install and let it update the sites.

I look forward to the discussion!

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You will need to install the 2005 Reports Viewer Redist. Package.

See the following as well: http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserver/en/library/673902d4-17ee-4769-aaf4-da09524cb8221033.mspx
Link to the Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005


The upgrade process is not too bad - I would backup the database though, just in case.
SYSadmin22Author Commented:
Interesting, in all my research I had not heard of any mention of the report viewer.  I'll look into that further.

Do you know if anything gets upgraded in the Project Server Database or is it just ConfigDB and ContentDB that get touched with the upgrade to WSS 3.0?  I'm asking this silly question because after my test upgrade, I logged into the MSProject site through Web Access and everything looked the same.  The Sharepoint Central Admin site obviously had taken on the completely new WSS 3.0 look and feel....
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The only things that *should* be upgraded are the WSS databases. I  havent seen an issue where the databases modified anything (other than some possible issues with sharepoint). The Sharepoint issues that I saw were with SBS servers.

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SYSadmin22Author Commented:
Sure, that makes sense.  It would make sense that the database gets upgraded when installing a newer version of Project or moving the database to SQL2005 (I plan on doing both tasks next year).
Project Server 2003 will _not_ work with WSS 3.0.

By that, I mean, it will not automatically link into Project Workspaces and keep track of Risks and issues. You might get bits and pieces of the links to work, but the integration will not work, unless you throw a team of developers at it.

Keep the WSS sites that Project is integrated with on WSS 2.0.

Project Server 2007, WSS 3.0: yes.

James Fraser
SYSadmin22Author Commented:
Wow!  That's surprising, even in the implementation and upgrade guide on Technet doesn't make any mention of that.  Have you found any official documentation stating that this is an issue?  I'm certainly not a developer so this would be an issue for me!!
I haven't seen any official statements one way or the other, but I've personally seen it die after an upgrade.

Some of the links will still work, but automatic site creation and the Risk and Issue count on the front page of Project Web Access will not work.

I've also seen a couple of mentions from others that they have run into problems, but last post in this thread indicates someone had it working:

So test away, and maybe you've got something right in your environment that will let it work. Make sure to test Existing and new project publishes. By deafults, security changes will happen when you add a team member to a project. Test that as well.

James Fraser
SYSadmin22Author Commented:
I have split the point here since both of you provided some valuable feedback.  While the upgrade is apparently supported, it doesn't seem like it's a great idea.  I'm not a Sharepoint or Project Guru so if something breaks that I may not have tested, I'm not sure that I would know how to fix it.  I will hold off on the upgrade until I move to MOSS 2007.
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