Multible displays positioning

What I have here is one our generic Dual Core workstations with a NVDIA G-force 7300 GS  graphics card with (2) 19 Viewsonic LCDs and  a Barco MFGD3420 PCI express Graphics card running (2) 5MP Diagnostic Grayscale monitors. So as you can see I have 4 displays here, the 2 LCDs that display the desktop is where my problem lies. To give a visual idea here all the monitors will sit in a row starting from the left: the 2 19 Viewsonics then the 2 BARCOs.
 Of course Windows XP sees the #1 monitor (primary) as the one far to the left and #2 next in line. My task and too keep this short is that I need to be able to the #2 monitor on the left side of the Primary monitor and to be able to navigate via the mouse across all four screens in a fluid motion. I can create this scenario by simply dragging the #2 monitor in the displays properties to the left of the primary monitor however on reboot windows does not save this set up. So is there a registry setting that can be altered so this doesnt happen? I have consulted with the video card vendors and they have not been able to help.
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Can you physically swap the cables with the monitors and arrange them in the order that you like?
stevenshealthcareAuthor Commented:
Swapping does not get the desired effect. Thanks for the input though.
I go to think that there has to be a reg setting somewhere that holds the monitor layout on reboot?
stevenshealthcareAuthor Commented:
I updated the Barco video card drivers to the latest they came out with and arranged the monitors as I need them to be and the configuration holds after reboot! I don't know why updating the drivers on the Barco card would effect the monitor layout on the other video card but appears that this was the anwser.
That's good; you may have had a corrupt driver.  Since you solved the problem yourself, why don't you get your points refunded and have the question saved.  You can do so by following the inappropriately named "Report Abuse" link.
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