How to expand and collapse multiple rows in table using Java script

Hi Friends,

How can you collapse and expand multiple rows dynamically. Variables should not be hard coded.
Can some one explain me with example?

I have a table in following way.

+Title 1
+Title 2
+Title 3
+Title 4

Now on clicking Title 1 i should see the following
- Title 1
--Sub Row1
--Sub Row 2

now on clicking Title 2 i should see the following
- Title 2
--Sub Row 1
--Sub Row 2
--Sub Row 3
--Sub Row 4

now on clicking Title 3 i should see the following
- Title 3
--Sub Row 1
--Sub Row 2

now on clicking Title 4 i should see the following
- Title 4
--Sub Row 1
--Sub Row 2
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gambit_642Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a quick example I through together using innerHTML

Typically, your tables aren't stored in js variables, but this is just an example:
Use Ajax to retrieve the table and values, then js to change the +/- button and insert the table into your visible HTML.
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function toggle_visablity(object, button)
	if(button.innerHTML == '+')
		{button.innerHTML = '-';}
		{button.innerHTML = '+';}
	var table =	'<table border="1" bordercolor="blue" cellspacing="0" width="300">'+
						'<td>Hi, Here is a row</td>'+
						'<td>Here is another 1</td>'+
		if(object.innerHTML == '')
			{object.innerHTML = table;}
			{object.innerHTML = '';}
<span onMouseOver="'pointer'" id="toggle1" onClick="toggle_visablity('table1', 'toggle1');">+</span> Expand this table
<div id="table1"></div>
<span onMouseOver="'pointer'" id="toggle2" onClick="toggle_visablity('table2', 'toggle2');">+</span> Expand Second Table
<div id="table2"></div>

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That is to dynamically hide or show existing predefined rows.

It sounds like he wants to dynamically create the rows on a click event:

2 Flavers (DOM and innerHTML)
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And this one is a bit easier but only using DOM
kanguyenAuthor Commented:
sorry guys, that's is not what I look for.
from the example I had given above,
i.e the data already populated into the table with sub rows collapse where row ids are the same, now what I'd like is when I click on the plus sign the sub rows will expand under that category eg Title1 and the plus sign will become minus sign.

can the experts give example code please.

Thanks in advance.
Forced accept.

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