How can I publish an infopath 2007 form to an iis server?


I am told with Infopath 2007 I can publish a form to a webpage, but I cannot figure out how.  Is there anyone you might be able to help me in this process?

I am wanting to publish to a IIS6 server running on Windows 2003 server
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
Rendering an InfoPath form in a browser requires software on the server to do the work that would typically be done in the InfoPath client.
The user can then interact with the form via the web browser rather than in InfoPath.

Microsoft has InfoPath Form Services, which is included in some versions of SharePoint server or can be licensed seperately.
Another option for simple forms is the Forms Viewer in the Database Accelerator Package from
Qdabra is also working on a hosted service where you could host a form online but that is not in beta yet.

So to answer your question, you cannot since you are lacking the required software on your server.
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