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Linksys RV042 can boost internet performance combine with 2 modem ?

Aryo1 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Hi Experts,

I live in some remote area and there is only one ISP near me. After I subsribe, I didn't satisfied with the connection speed and I need more speed for my internet. After calling tech guy on that ISP, he told me that I can't upgrade to faster connection because it's already company policies.
He told me that he can lend me one more modem and ask me to do some "load-balancing" using router that has 2 WAN port (he told me that Linksys RV042 can support this feature altough it's a VPN router).

Is it true using 2 modem (they connected to the same ISP) and combine it with router with "load-balancing" feature (such as Linksys RV042 has 2 WAN port) can boost up my internet speed or atleast I get speed 1.5 times than before ?

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Yes if you purchase two ISP connections (even from the same ISP) you can load balance accross them, and yes the Linksys RV042 will load balance between two internet connections. However you are most likely only going to achieve 1.5 times your current connection speed, it will not double.

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