copy os x applications?

i had to reinstall os x on a new hard drive due to bad sectors.  i was able to copy all the applications to a folder on a network drive.  once i get the new drive installed and os x reinstalled, will i be able just to copy the applications back from the network drive to the applications folder?

i dont have the cd's for alot of the apps.  any advice is appreciated!
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You'll get lucky with some and not with others. Many Apps store files in the application support folder in library, some will have hidden file they need to run.

It's a shame you've already wiped he drive as you could have used  an application like superduper to replicate the drive and find the missing bits.

Anyway, as you haven't you can do as you say and copy the Apps back and open them, some i think will run other will just not work.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
MOST OSX Apps are easy to copy** .. the application in the Applications folder is all* you need to copy from the Mac to the Network .. then copy back to the new HD.  The first time you run the application on the new HD it will create new preference and setting files in the User/Library folder

* If you want to retain settings, preferences etc.  then you'll need to backup the User/Library folder .. particularly the Application Support & Preferences folders .. ALSO the same folders from the /Library folder at the root of the System
Also, you should take care when setting up the new HD, to create a user with the EXACT same name/username so that when you copy back Preferences and System files the folder paths will be the same.  (i.e. if your username was peter .. you had a path like this ... /Users/peter/Library/Application Support  etc. make sure the new HD has the same folder paths)

** A few applications are MUCH MORE complicated to backup .. especially MS Office for OSX, Adobe CS applications, Apple iLife, Parallels ..  these applications install a load of files in various corners of the OSX Library, System, Users folder.  You'd be much faster re-installing these types of applications from original CD media.

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phrea84Author Commented:
thanks for th input.

as im not a mac guru, i wasnt aware of super duper, but i was able to pretty much copy 95% of the whole drive, including the library folder and the users folder.  ill try to copy them back.

if i replace the library folder and th applications, this should make even more apps run, right?
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
YEs.. like I said .. it will be OK .. if it is the identical version of OSX, you usernames are the same ... and I'd always recommend runing Disk Utility Repair Permissions after copying stuff across.
phrea84Author Commented:

all done.  i can say 95% of everything works.  unfortunately, i did have cs2 and office installed, which neither worked. i was able to get a copy of office and reinstall, but no luck with adobe and the cd's are lost during a move.

i copied library and user library and everything i could think of.  the files are there, but when i launch indesign or photoshop it load then closes.

any ideas other than dropping another 1k on cs3? :(
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