Missing exchange attributes after domain prep accidently run overtop of existing exchange schema

Dear forum

As part of exchange DR mode installation (setup.exe /disasterrecovery), domain prep (setup /domainprep) was run  while connected to the active domain. In this domain there are/were existing exchange servers. So now after domain prep was run  the exchange attributes are all missing from active directory.

Do any experts have any suggestions on what can be done to restore the attributes, or explain how bad this situation is to if at all be recovered from?

Many thanks.
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PlaceboC6Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go.  There is a fix procedure listed:

HappyChuckyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the article suggestion it was enlightening to learn that mangled objects is what has occurred within AD.

Next step will be to perform an authoritative directory services restore with a healthy system state prior the Jupiter sized mistake.

If that does not reverse to current situation will try using ldifde tool and the Inetorgpersonfix.ldf script to manually correct the schema changes.

I have used the script before with success.  Only once.   Just copy and pasted the contents and it worked well.
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