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How to print to an Sharp MX5500N printer over the Internet.


I have a Sharp MX5500N printer in my office that is connected to the LAN via TCP/IP.  I connect to the Sharp MX5500N via switch and Sonic Wall TZ170.  The Sonic Wall TZ170 is connected to my high speed cable modem.

Please recommend How to print to an office printer (Sharp MX5500N) over the Internet?

Thank you in advance.
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I assume you mean ethernet rather than internet.

Start the Add Printer wizard. Install a Local printer. When asked for the port, create a new Standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of the printer. When asked for the printer model, browse to the location of the driver files. Finish the wizard and you're done.

If you mean you want to print from home or some other location (over the internet), there are 2 possibilities. If you're using a VPN, then the above instructions are still valid. If not, then the only way is something like IPP. In that case, select Network printer in the wizard, and on the next screen click on "Connect to a printer on the internet". Enter the printer's name as:



Thank you the info.  I am looking into LPP-SSL.  Thank you again.