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Citrix Farm dropping connections

I have a Citrix farm that started dropping connections.  The only thing that changed where the updates that Microsoft put out on the 13th.  Is there a way to troubleshoot dropped connections?
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I would try uninstalling the updates you loaded the other day and see if that helps things.  Then, reapply one by one and test the server until you break it again (if removing fixes things).  

I would definitly look at what patches were applied.  Have the servers been rebooted since being patched?

Are you able to reproduce the problem consistently?

Does it happen to LAN users as well as people using Access Gateway or VPN?

Does it occur when running any application, or just a specific one?


It appears that the NICS on the applications servers are going up and down.  However, on all the other ports on the switch have no issues.

Do you have network teaming enabled?  Try swapping the port locations of a server with problems and one without.  If the "good" server starts having problems, it's definetly a bad switchport.

  To see if this has fixed it... I setup a "ping -t > output.txt" in a command prompt as a quick & dirty way to watch the uptime.  Just search the outputted txt file for "unreachable".

Let us know what you find...
You said NICs, like plural?  Why are you multi-homing a server that takes about 50k of bandwidth per user?  One 1Gbps link is all you should need.  Fault tolerance happens naturally when you have many servers in your farm.  I never recommend teaming; you chew up more switchports and introduce easy ways to have networking problems.  This is not a SQL server...even then...clustering is better HA IMO...anyway, that might not even be what's going on.  
If you do have more than one NIC in use on the same subnet then I bet you Spanning Tree is putting you into a blocking state.  That would explain the up and down.  

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