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Vmware server

lkuhner asked
I have a question about vmware server. If I reboot the host do I have to start the virtual session or can I have it start automatically? Do I have to get esx for this or what. I rebooted the host and the virtual server did not start. I tried it through an rdp session and when I killed the session the server went off again. Whats the deal.
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ICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  

Off course if you shutdown the host all the servers will stop.

And yes if you use a rdp session the problem is the same.

Only in Vmware ESX you can work with this more. You do not need to have logged to use the VMs, and you do not need to start your VMs, after the host is rebooted.

you must use local system credentials to start your vm
on vmware server and vmware workstation 5.x  (version 6 don't have this option)
- select your vm in vmware workstation/server
- clic edit virtual machine settings
- clic option tab
- select startup/shutdown
- in the "virtual machine account" area , select local system account.
 (do not use option "user that power on the vm" because on user logoff , the vm is shut down)

also verify in the startup/shutdown option area that  the " host startup" option  is set to,"power on virtual machine"
otherwise your vm will stay off if the host is restarted

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