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How do I reset the Bios on this unit if the keyboard does not work (external KB not working either)?

Keyboard, mouse and USB are locked up so I would Like to try to reset the Bios.  Cannot get into Bios Utility because F2 is not recognized.  Battery, Jumper anyone know.  If so where on the MB.
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If pull the cmos battery and the laptop battery for a good minute or so it will set BIOS back to defaults.

Turn it off.
Attach an external keyboard (preferably a PS/2 version but USB might work).
Reboot and use the external keyboard.
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It would be difficult to connect a PS/2 keyboard to this unit since it does not have a PS/2 port :-)   ... and since your already noted "external KB not working either" it's clear you've already tried a USB keyboard.

It sounds like the ACPI mechanism that shuts down the keyboard has become stuck in a "locked" state.   I've found several references to this same issue with Acer laptops.   An interesting test (if you have one available or can download the ISO and burn yourself one) is to try to boot with a live Knoppix CD [http://archive.cs.stedwards.edu/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V3.7-2004-12-08-EN.iso ] and see if the keyboard works with it.

On some notebooks (don't know if this one will do this or not) you can reset CMOS by unplugging the notebook; removing the battery; and then holding the power switch for 60 seconds.   Try that and see if it helps.

The following has also been noted to work on some other forums with this same problem:

=>  Hard power-off (hold the power button until the laptop turns off)
=>  Unplug the AC adaptor
=>  Remove the battery
=>  Plug in the AC adaptor
=>  Hold Ctrl and turn the power on.   You should arrive at a black screen.
=>  Hard power-off again, then turn the power on.
Repeat the above sequence several times if it doesn't work the first time [On one forum a poster noted it finally did the trick after about 8 tries]
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The service manual for your laptop can be downloaded from here:

I would suggest opening the system and unplugging the mouse pad and keyboard. Once these two devices have been unplugged try again to use an external keyboard. Your problem sounds like a hardware problem to me rather than a bios problem.

Do this with the notebook unplugged and the battery removed:

To unplug the keyboard you must remove the ribbon cable which attaches the keyboard to the motherboard of the notebook. The ribbon cable connector will have two plastic wedges on either side of the ribbon cable where the cable is inserted into the connector. Push these plastic wedges out - opposite from the direction in which the ribbon cable is inserted into the connector. They will move maybe a mm or less. Push them both out one by one. Then pull out the ribbon cable.

Now plug your notebook back in and power it up and see if an external keyboard will work.

To put the ribbon cables back in make sure that the wedges are pulled out, insert the ribbon cable, and then push the wedges toward the connector in the same direction that the ribbon cable was inserted. Push both of the wedges in. You are done.
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kinnelec => A bit of feedback would be nice :-)

Did you try the 6-step sequence I posted earlier?   It's been noted to resolve this exact problem on several other forums.   Don't forget to try it several times.
Forced accept.

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