Fedora 8, booting, swap partition

Hi experts

 have triple boot:  Vista Business - Kubuntu 7.10  - Fedora 8
I installed Kubuntu after Fedora. When Fedora is booting in verbose mode, I always see a message:
Unable to access resume device (LABEL=SWAP).

 Does it mean that Fedora cannot access the swap partition? If so, how can I fix it? Before Kubuntu was installed, I had no such a message. Otherwise, Fedora seems to work perfectly.

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Looks like ubuntu reformatted the swap partition and gave it different label.

while booted to ubuntu, issue
grep swap /etc/fstab # shoud show something like
LABEL=swap-something              swap                    swap    defaults        0 0

remember the "swap-something" portion

boot to fedora, edit the /etc/fstab, fine the line
LABEL=SWAP              swap                    swap    defaults        0 0

and change "SWAP" to "swap-something"

issue: swapon -a
verify newly added swaps with: cat /proc/swaps
Fero45Author Commented:
Hi ravempl

Sorry for the delay. I opened (in Fedora)  etc/fstab and the line was correct:

which corresponds to the warning when I bbot Fedore, i.e.
unable to access resume device (LABEL=SWAP-sda5)

Only I did not include that portion (sda5) in my question, for which I apologize.

And have You verified what the line looks under ubuntu?
Fero45Author Commented:
I reinstall Kubuntu because it would not boot. I do not know the reason. Than I checked /proc/swaps:
it contains this line:
/dev/sda5......  partition ...size....  0 -1

then I booted fedora. it show the same line
So it looks like the problem is fixed?

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