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Earlier this week I downloaded the update for AVG free.  As I have dial up it took one and a half hours.
The update was quite a small file.
Today I looked for another update and todays update wishes to take another hour to download.
Now viruses are always changing, but it almost looks as my virus checker is a virus itself.
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How is the virus checker a virus?  Because the virus definitions keep changing?  

The virus checker needs to download new virus definitions as they are available.
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I recommend Kaspersky. The initial download is large, but its updates are small and quick.

It's not 'free', but remember -- when you choose free, you usually get what you pay for in the long run for protection and peace of mind.

Site: http://www.kaspersky.com
Yeah, I'd say its your Internet connection that is to blame for the download time(s).  With so many options, its almost a must to upgrade to at least DSL service for almost the same monthly price, depending on where you live of course.  


I have only dial-up in this australian capital city!!!!!!!!


I think it is probably my dial-up

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