Excel 2003 stops responding

When using various spreadsheets, the cursor will suddenly select whatever cells the cursor moves over and I can't stop it. That is to say that clicking in a cell will not stop the cells being highlighted where ever the cursor moves to. I have to end task and go back into the spreadsheet.
This happens several times a day with different spreadsheets.
Excel 2003 SP3
XP Pro SP2
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Sounds like a bad mouse (or flakey mouse driver).  Is this on a laptop with a track-pad?  The track-pads usually will have an option so that when you tap it will perform the same function as if you were holding down the left mouse button.  If that's the case, it should release it if you tap it again.  You should be able to disable that option in the trackpad's driver.

For example, on my dell, in the trackpad's settings, I have the "locking drags" option disabled.  See the attached image.


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ZenConAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input. It is on a laptop and I will check the trackpad. I did try it with different mouse(s) but didn't think of the trackpad.
I will let you know.
ZenConAuthor Commented:
Hi Senter,
It turned out to be the mouse as it is now selecting everything in other windows as well. But thanks for putting me on the right track - I was tied up with Excel.
No problem.  Didn't really sound like an app error.  
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