remote CVS server rejects a user request when requested from Windows service, accepts otherwise

Our CVS server and CVS client are on different PCs. There is a Windows service on the client that runs a batch file, and the batch exports files from the CVS server. The batch supplies CVSROOT to CVS server, and that CVSROOT is


The service runs, but CVS rejects the user, doesn't matter  userA is known to CVS and can checkout by other means (from command line). Here is the error message:

cvs [export aborted]: authorization failed: server CvsServer rejected access to /CvsRepo for user MYDOMAIN\userA.

But CVS does not reject userA if the service is logged on as another user.

Let me summarize. When service logs on as userB and tries to access CVS as userA, it works fine. But CVS barks if both service log on and CVS user are userA!

 We cannot find how these two users differ, they both are administrators.

Any idea, advice will be appreciated.
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I can't tell why it doesn't work but possible workaround is to create in CVS new userC and use it in query under userA or userB.
adesalAuthor Commented:
This is an interesting idea, thank you. I will try.
adesalAuthor Commented:
Sorry, AlexNek, it did not work. Thank you anyway, I really appreciate your desire ti help.
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Then it is something wrong with user setting /local or CVS/
Look at your post
>When service logs on as userB and tries to access CVS as userA, it works fine
If we create userC the same as userA then it must work or you miss something.
adesalAuthor Commented:
That's right, something IS wrong with user setting, and the question is what...
Both users are administrators in Windows control panel, both are in CVS administrator and CVS passwd files, both have full access. I do not know where else to look for difference.
Ok, then we have the next step - found something missing.
Is there any logs files on server?
How is your CVS server organized?
Could the new user login to the server /Not to CVS! / locally and remote?
Possible you miss the user at the domain level.
adesalAuthor Commented:
I do not know about the logs, if you tell me where to look, I will.

The CVS server is a separate PC with CVSNT installed, the repo is a folder in C:\.

Yes, the new user can login remotely both to the server PC and to the CVS. Even more, the service issues the CVS request on behalf of this user, and this works! But only if the service logs-on as another user. If the service logs as this user, it runs and can access the repo file (take dir) but CVS request fails. The same CVS request runs OK if the service logs on was another user.

I did not try to log to the CVS server PC locally, I will on Monday if you say so.

Thank you again.
>I do not know about the logs, if you tell me where to look, I will.
If your server runs under  Windows you can look into events viewer and CVSNT has possiblity to enable auditing and logs must in database.

Do you use the same network for client and server?
How do you add a user, locally or over domain controller?

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adesalAuthor Commented:
Yes, the server runs under Widows. On Monday I will look in the events viewer and CVSNT.

The network is the same. I do not add users, our IT person does. I will ask him in Mon.

And thank you again
Don't mention it.
Pay attention, that I don't know the answer, please.
You can try to create the local user on the server.
Try find the difference between old userA and new created userC- Why under userB it is work with A but not with C?
adesalAuthor Commented:
Dear AlexNek,

Sorry, I believed I posted my comment couple of days ago.
The problem is danced around: I switched to another PC, and now it's OK.

Thank you for your help.
It it really strange. Thank you for answer.
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