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problems in my syslog!

jamaresmith asked
Can someone please take a look at the attached file and let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary.  here is a brief description of what is going on.

currently we have been having issues accessing the internet.  It has been very intermittant, basically some pages come up and some don't.  when the load goes down, the internet runs completely fine.  we have internal network connectivity and everything runs fast.  the edge router we use for the bonded t-1's show that the usage is 43% which tells me that a lot of the traffic is not reaching the edge router.  i saw a bunch of dropped packets due to windows scaling in the syslog of the cisco and read up on it.  basically it seems like that would be the issue.  I dont know enough about cisco routers to make that determination.  i do think however that whatever my issue is with the internet it is coming from the cisco.

i have also noticed that since i last spoke with a cisco tech a virtual template as well as a null0 interface has popped up in my interface list in SDM.  i am running simple VPN and have been running it for a while without these interfaces.  call it paranoia, but i jumped to the conclusion that someone has been in my router.  any help is appreciated.  thanks!

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Are by any change running IOS version's 12.3 or 12.4? From what I could find there's a bug in the IOS that causes this. A know good IOS that doesn't have this bug is IOS 12.3.8-8t . If you have access and can download this IOS version, I would recommed using it. The problem stems from Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) in the IOS firewall featureset.


I rolled out the latest IOS and everything is running fine now, thanks!


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