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The best method to secure a multimedia website using ASP.NET and C#

VDOGamer asked
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Last Modified: 2010-05-19
Hello, I'm planning to create a multimedia website.  I've heard that most noobs create the website and worry about security the moment after they are hacked.  I want to obviously avoid this.  I just need to be pointed in the correct direction to learn how to secure a website and possible webserver...depending on investment of a webserver.  

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AFAIK,  Microsoft Media Services (MMS) technology is the rock for user on the internet who want to keep the multimedia's source file because they have thier own protocal to access the resource content. For example mms://domainname.com/resourcefile.wmv. It's secure than flash player on YouTube which cannot prevent from a simple network monitor tool.

However, many products of microsoft are often hacked. Nothing secure, just more secure.

A sample website's using MMS http://www.manager.co.th/Multimedia/default.html
A brief of implementation http://www.idrc.ca/uploads/user-S/10319465540vod01.pdf
More detail http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Media_Services

WARNING: using MMS will be restricted to other Microsoft products ;-)
Rahul Goel ITILSenior Consultant - Deloitte

You can use Multimedia server to host your videos to that, it will stream you media asynchronously and will be secure.

And you can use silverlight to create the interface for the MMS websites.

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