What is the difference between users,contacts,Users with external email,Contacts with SMTP address.


What is the difference between users,contacts,Users with external email,Contacts with SMTP address.

When created a user if we go the exchange tasks > Establish external email address.What does this mean
User with just email address mentioned in the email box?
Contacts with email address just mentioned in email ?
Conatcts with establish email address ?
What are the differences?

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When you create a user you dont have to create a mailbox for them which would mean they are a user
If you create a mailbox for them then they would be a user with external mail (as long as you gave them a valid external email address)

I'm not sure what you mean by the other questions....
Users are User objects in active directory. You can assign them permissions, put them in security/distribution groups, etc

When you talk about exchange server, there are mailbox enabled users, mail enabled users, and contact objects.

A mailBOX enabled user has an email address that is stored on the exchange server. You can assign them permissions to a domain resource and they have an email address in the domain.

A mail enabled user has an email address associated with the user object
   So you could assign this user permissions to a domain resource, but when you send them an email it will go to xyz@gmail.com (external address)

A contact object is just an object that can be looked up in the domain / exchange. There are no permissions that can be assigned and the email address is an external address (Useful for something like a vendor that everyone in your company uses, and you want the users of your domain to be able to look up their information in a central store - ie exchange/AD)

Here is a link with more information


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Note: mail enabled user does not have a mailbox on the exchange servers.
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