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How to use the mirror drive in Window 2003  to recover ther server

I have a blue screen in my Window 2003 server machine.
*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0x89BA020E0, 0xC0000010, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I have reboot it multiple of times, it always show right up after Window 2003 boot up logo.

I have used the software mirror feature within Window 2003 to mirror the main 80 GB hard drive on to a 80GB partition drive of a 250 GB hard drive.

I am not sure how to recover the data from the mirror drive (2nd drive).

If I take out the main drive or diable the main driver and reboot the system, I will get a blank screen (even before the display of Window 2003 logo) with a blink cursor on thop right corner.

Would someone know the steps to recover the system.
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Check this software


Raid reconst.



Also it seems like a corrupted driver .

Boot in safe mode and install

after u install open windblg --> file--> open crash dump file and go to windows folder open minidump folder and open the log.  

See whether there is any file name listed in the log if yes. then rename the driver or download the updated driver.

Thats it.


Here is the recover / rebuild steps on a software raid 1 in Windows 2003.

1) Remove the failed drive, place existing working drive (drive 1 usually) in the drive 0 slot, or on the drive 0 connector.
2) Place the new drive in the drive 1 slot, or on the drive 1 connector
3) boot to recovery console - access the c:\,
4) run fixboot to write a bootsector on the drive which is now c:\ (bootsectors and mbr's are not mirrored with software raid only the partition is mirrored)
5) run fixmbr to write a new masterboot record on the drive which is now c:\ (bootsectors and mbr's are not mirrored with software raid only the partition is mirrored)
6) run bootcfg /rebuild - this will force windows to add an entry to the boot.ini for the disk in its new position as c:\
7) reboot the system to the new entry in boot.ini
8) recreate a dynamic disk with your new fresh disk and reestablish mirror

Where you are probably getting an issue is with the builtin Dell Utility partition that is not usually on the second mirrored disk... (Assuming you are using Dell - saw it as one of the tags)


I have tried the Expert comment from Brent Caskey.  I have a DELL PC, I believe my original dell hard disk boot sector gone. I want to see if the fail harddisk will work so I follow your procedure to boot into the recover console.
When I boot into the recovery console,  it ask me to choose one of the installation, look like I have two Window installation.
[1] c:\windows
[2] c:\windows

I select [1] and follow your procedure to continue after executing bootcfg /rebuild
And it ask me the following information which I am not sure to do:
Add Installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All)   i put 'y' for yes.

then ask me for Load identifier, I simply type a random name
then ask me for OS Option, I am not sure what to put. I am stuck.

Please advice what I should do. Thanks.


just add the following at the OS Option prompt


I have tried the Expert comment from Brent Caskey. I now try to use the mirrored drive as drive 0 after I failed to boot up properly with the DELL original hard disk after using Brent procedure . In the recovery console, it show only 1 window installation:
[1] c:\windows. I selected it. I can then login using administrator password to this mirrored drive in the recovery console. However when I type the fixboot at the c:\windows prompt. It said the following:

This target partition in the file system on the startup partition is unknown. Fixboot is attempting to detect the file system type.

FIXBOOT can not open the partition.

Sorry more help need!!!
I find out how to fix the problem.
Simply configure a new Window 2003 harddisk then put the mirror drive as 2nd driver.
Go to the disk management and import the mirror drive as a foreign device.
All the volumes on the mirror drive appears
You then need to set the drive number for the new volume.

That is it. DONE.

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