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Iphone working with OWA

AndykEE asked
Anyone have success, tricks tips getting iphone to work with OWA with SSL. It has connected a couple times and works, but usually user never gets login screen. going to https://mail.ourco.com/exchange
User does not recall getting message to accept certificate and we have not installed certificate on iphone. Can you install certificate on iphone? will this help? any help suggestions greatly appreciated. I do not want to do imap, and user has had a couple out of 20 successful connections. Thanks, experts
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I am not sure.

I do know that on my mail app on the mac I am using a secure email sever (ssl) and I connect over port 465.

When I first synced to my iphone it brought over the email settings and it "just worked"

ask your boss if you can get pop type mail over a secure connection.

should work on the iphone.
What kind of a certificate do you use?  Is it one you purchased from a commercial CA like Verisign?  If so, those usually are included in the iPhone's trusted root CA list.  Is it is a self signed certificate (created by a CA you run) then you will need to get it on the iPhone, follow the advice from this forum to do so:


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