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Some network computers can not get on the internet

BBauman asked
I have a doctors office that has 18 XP Pro sp2 Dells that are in a workgroup configuration.  They use the computers for medical research on the internet and email.  They have a T-1 that goes through a linksys wireless router.  Two of the computers lost the ablility to connect to the internet yesterday morning.  Nothing has changed with our network and there were no power issues.  Ipconfig /all shows that they are getting the right TCP/IP settings.  I can see all computers and access all shares on the network, but these two computers will not go on the internet. I have tried othe profiles and they do not work either.  Anti virus and spyware is clean.  Any Ideas before I replace the NIc cards??

Thank you
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first off, if you can ping other workstations in the LAN, I wouldn't replace the nics.   I need a better definition of "will not go on the internet"  So 1) can you ping   can you ping www.yahoo.com?  Can you ping the gateway.  And the wireless router is the gateway/firewall as well?
Yeah will give a better idea for troubleshooting, go to Start - Run - Cmd - ipconfig /all - ping www.google.com - ping and copy the results.
Reboot that linksys. Ipconfig /release; Ipconfig /renew on clients. Consider a server 10 workstations ago :P
Let us know what happens
They dont need a server, he needs a Switch inbetween the router and the workstations if they currently do not have one.  
Getting off topic about the server, but 18 workstations accessing the net for windows updates, antivirus updates, services, etc. etc. at the same time on a T1 which is 1.544 Mbps -not very fast- is dialup all over again. He has to have a switch unless you mean changing out a 'hub?'


There is a 24 port 10 100 linksys switch that the computers are plugged in to.  I have rebooted the machines, the switch, and the router several times.  I turned off everything and restared the router, then the switch,  then all the PC's. I can ping all other PC's and they can ping the PC's that have the problem.  I can Ping the router, but I can not ping beyound that.  when I try to get on the internet it says page can not be diplayed.  
On all computers now?
Try going to start and running 'cmd' to get a command window.  Then type the command 'netsh winsock reset' to reset your tcpip winsock.  Also check the event log on those two computers and see if you are exceeding your maximum # of concurrent tcpip connections.
When it says page cannot be displayed is it HTTP:/// <-- three slashes?  I know i ran into this in the past with some systems and i had to un install a recent windows update and it fixed the issue.  Client could vpn, and remote desktop directly to work from home, but couldnt browse the internet etc.

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