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limit the number of users

"Once upon a time" there was VMS (even before OpenVMS). They had there something like
"set logon/interactive=x" where x is a number. Usually an administrator would set it to 1 to logon himself, and not let anyone logon while he's doing, say, maintenance.
I would like to have something like that for my W2K3 servers. Any idea?

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Why not stop the server service?
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Right idea... but incomplete... you would have to stop ALL services that users could potentially use, including any SQL or Exchange services.  Once you figure out what services these are, you can setup a small script using NET STOP and another NET START script to stop and start the services with one command - and a few minute wait.
nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2019

VMS & OpenVMS essentialy are the same. From a certain version onward the open was refixed.
Current Vms/OpenVms still has the command.

And it ONLY affect interactive use. You still have to stop network services besides that to go to single user mode.
Unix has the same, there is a state Single Usermode, that you can enter after booting a system where only
the bare essentials are started (i.e. a shell on the console).

So leew's approach is the right one, even some other services might need to be stopped. Like the services that issue commands at regular intervals (Think backuschedular, cron like services).

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