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Help Regarding databse mail

I would like to know the details for configuring database mail in my servers.

Could anyone please help me...?
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Hi - MSDN always comes with multiple scenarios and nice to knows
On MSSQL 7.0/2000, If using Outlook... Other Mail Client might differ slightly...

1.> Make sure your SQL Server Services (including SQL Agent) are started using a Domain Account.
2.> Make sure that Domain Account as a Mailbox.
3.> Install MS Outlook (for example) on your Database Server.
4.> Send an Email from your MSSQL Server using Outlook (else Exchange Server does not always validate the Mailbox correctly).
5.> Restart the SQL Services.

Then to send Email using T-SQL, look at the syntax of xp_sendmail in Book On Line.

Hope this help.


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