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BB can not send, Need to get Service Book Again

athersaleem asked
I am having Corporate email through BES plus Gmail Accounts on BB. Currently the model is 8100, however this issue was also present when I had old model.

My Corporate Email "Desktop" will send an email, the green ticks appear, but after few seconds the Red Cross appears alongwith message. I have to ask the guy managing BES to resend Service Book and the error is gone. This happens again and again sometime after 5-6 days and sometimes less than this. During error period the Gmail Account works perfectly. Also when these out going emails are blocked the "Service Book Not Found" error and attachment downlad errors also occur for corporate emails only.

Someone has told me that this error occurs when someone link BB to laptop through Desktop Manager.
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It isn't good to mix BES and other external accounts.
Try only the BES account for a few days romoving the gmail one to see if that is the problem.
Gary CutriData & Communications Specialist

It sounds like your device has some corruption.  Normally the only true fix for this is to wipe the device and then reactivate it onto the BES, and then resend your BIS service books.
It could be a corrupt service book database. I have seen this before. Try this:
Plug the BB into a computer with desktop manager installed, click backup and restore, click advanced, on the right-hand side scroll down to service book, select that database and hit the clear button.

Next, after that clears out take your blackberry and go to: options -> advanced options -> host routing table, click in the menu key and select "register now".

Then resend the service books from the BES and from the BIS, and it should now work.

If that does not work it is probably a problem with the BES.


Dear All  Thanks for your input

Dear InvincibleShield
Even if I ask my BES administrator to send me Service Book  (with out doing your prescrived procedure), BB starts working. So what I am looking for is fetching Service Book with out Adnministrator help and Reason for the error

The Error as it appears in the rejected sent message is "Transaction error - bad format"

I don't know if this relates but I am also in habit of stopping delivery of messages to my BB when I reach office through Options >> Email Settings>> Send Email to Handheld: No

When I leave office I turn this back on.

Dear Thanks, Got the Solution


Desktop Manager
Email Settings
Advanced Tab
>> Change  "Message Service Display Name" from Desktop to something else (Desktop22)

Problem Resolved, Desktop Redirector and BES Service Book had same name. .... So when ever I connect my BB to Desktop Manager it was replacing the Service Book

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