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I want to know  basic understanding of c++ DLL files in VB.net 2005

jsbsudha asked
1, I know c++ programming , could I create  same c++ files in VisualStudioC++.....What is the difference between Visual c++, Borland c++ Builder and ordinary c++.....
2, Is it possible to do ordinary C++ PROGRAMMING IN VS2005 AND WRAP IT AS A DLL TO USE IT IN CSHARP. How to do  that task.
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Senior Software Engineer (Avast)
1. Visual Studio and Borland C++ as compilers (or IDE's -- Integrated Development Environments). Basically, glorified editors. They may have their own proprietory platform specific extensions but basically they are C++ compilers. Ordinary C++ (I assume you mean ANSI C++) is the vanilla C++ language as defined by the ISO/IEC 14882 standard.


2. Yes. See the links below...
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)

try using vs2008


differences are really about the liberaries , tools , documentation each IDE offers.

the same plan ansi c is standard , the same concepts of C++ oop are standards. therea re soem new vendor related concepts ... they are the same but underr different names.

waiting for your reply

... but the .NET is of Microsoft and if your C++ is to be compiled to the .NET component, the code generation of the compiler must be specific. Also, some C++ language extension is welcome when you want to program against .NET in C++. The standardisation of the C++ extension is in progress (Microsoft being probably the most active here through Herb Sutter). The VS 2008 introduces new syntax and features that allow to mix seamlesly C++ classes and .NET classes.

However, you may mean COM Dll's (i.e. not .NET). You can create the same in older C++ compilers but you must be able to implement so called dispatch interface that allows you to learn and use the interface of the component in run time.

In Visual Studio, it is possible to semiautomatically wrap .NET component with COM interface and also COM component with .NET interface, if I recall correctly.

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