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norton internet security 2008 is blocking cisco client, what do i need to disable on nis 2008

cannot connect using cisco vpn client for vista , I have 2 machines behind the same firewall one uses trend a/v it connects ok. the one with norton internet security 2008 does not connect. I know that with earlier versions on Norton if we turned off worm protection it solved the problem . I do not see the same options with 2008. what to do other than removing norton which has been paid for
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Principal Systems Administrator
You need to allow the program to go through the firewall.

The application should be cvpnd.exe
Ports it uses inclued UDP 500, 62514, and 6215
You also may need to enable UDP encapsolation

You can also try playing with your VPN client configuration:
Change the transparent tunneling settings, play with the options till it works for you.


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