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buy new computer (Brand HP  computer or assembly computer) and why

i want to buy new computer and i found Brand computer like HP ,dell   and on other side i found assembley computer (MOTHERBORD ASROCK,hard disk 150G SATA,ram 2G,) and wireless mose and keyborad and flatron LG19 in monitor
i found tow type of UPS (intex an APC) what type is good and why
and i found printer hp deskjet f2180 (three in one) and HP color leaserjet 2550 printer what type is best for color printing and i hear that the nozzel of printer hp deskjet f2180 if its not used for long time its not work is that true
 i do not know what type i must buy and is the wireless mouse and keybord is ok or not
i need to know the different between Brand and assembly computer
the price of computer not important
i need to buy a best type

any sgesstion can help me

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c661jmbNetwork Manager
If you are a novice computer user then I would seriously suggest purchasing a branded PC and printer rather than buying the parts and making one your self.

I believe that you are referring to CPU (Intel vs AMD) Bothe cpu's have their own merit's and bad points. I have never had a problem with either but my own personal choice is to purchase AMD. Price wise there is not too much difference between them any more although I would suggest shopping around. An Amd 64 Dual Core or even the new Quad Core cpu's are pretty good value even though they are not as fast as the newer Intel Core2 Duos'. I would not recommend a dell system from my own personal dealings with them. But I have had nothing but priase for HP. Good support (for me) and great prospect of getting spare parts.

As far as printing is concerned, again this is personal preference, you have given us no indication as to your requirements. But I would always push Colour Laser rather than inkjet. Far better image quality and less expensive per page than inkjets (using manufacturers inks!!).

Wireless mouse/keyboard are ok, not my personal choice as I would hate for a battery to go flat in the middle of a frag fest!!


thanks for your reply
about printer i want hardwork printer and can print a big mount of data and good quality

about UPS    system (i found APC ups   and intex ups) and i do not know what is the best

c661jmbNetwork Manager
We Use APC UPS here and have had no problems.

I would consider a Colour Laser printer then - Inkjets are too expensive if you want it to do a lot of printing.

We have a HP 2840 here that we have networked for 25 users. The scanner is networked and it will accept memory cards for printing direct.

Distinguished Expert 2019
for your printer, i would walk thry the" help me choose"  (left hand of page) to check what is important and suitable for you : - you can also use the live assistance -
>>  the nozzel of printer hp deskjet f2180 if its not used for long time its not work is that true   <<   yes, it tnds to dry up after some weeks of non - use

For the PC, you can select a brand - HP, Dell, IBM, or any one they all offer good products.
In general Dell gives the most for you dollar.
if you want the best, you should buy at least a dual core, or even a quad core.  It higly depends on the use you plan for your PC; you can also use the " help me choose" or  the live assistance  of the desktop, or notebook page.
if you use Vista, be sure to have at least 2 Gb Ram, or better 4 Gb, since Vista nearly uses 1 Gb  in idle  - personally, i like to stick with XP

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