Bluetooth programming on Windows step-by-step, please.

Now I am looking for Bluetooth programming. If you know, please suggest me what program or programming language needed and please suggest me step-by-step.

Basic features I want:
1. Search all bluetooth devices in range (know MAC address and bluetooth name)
2. Make connection with devices and send file to them
All step much be automatic.

Thank you very much in advance.
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evilrixConnect With a Mentor Senior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Is this Windows desktop or CE?

The Compact Framework codes with a complete set of APIs for BlueTooth development. Unfortunately, I don't think the CF supports VB.

If you are looking to do this on your desktop then BlueTooth devices that are already paired and that support data transfer as serial devices should just present themselves as a COM port so to send a file you can do so as though you are making a connection to a serial device.

Below are some BlueTooth SDKs that you may find helpful.

I hope this helps.

Since you haven'T specified any programming language requirements, take a look at
limpartyAuthor Commented:
In fact, the programming language I need is Visual Basic, but I am not sure that can it work so I did not specific.

So please suggest me any language on Windows.
VB is fine (probably?), yet what features are you looking into?
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