Will I be able to Upgrade RC1 without a complete new install.

Hi I am going to use the Microsoft Action Pack Software to set myself up a server in the office.

It will mainly be used to run a set of daily reports and ping various external servers to make sure they are alive.

I will mostly use Remote Desktop Connection to access it.

The question is I have a choice of either installing:

1) Windows Server 2003


2) Windows Server 2008 RC1

I do prefer installing the latest software, but am concerned if I install RC1 I may not be able to upgrade it at a later date.

Also I have 4GB of Ram so would like to run 64 bit if poss.

What would you advise.


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kanalQkoConnect With a Mentor Technical Support EngineerCommented:
better way is to install windows 2003, release candidate is not production system right now,
4gb ram doesn`t mean you will have option to install 64bit system

if you want to install 64bit you have to have 64bit hardware (AMD opteron, etc...)
Luv2MuffAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - will do
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